Australian prime minister Julia Gillard has accomplished something previously reserved for Homer Simpson and horny preteens: she has revised the dictionary. Well, the Australian dictionary, which is sort of a real dictionary, except it is written by the descendants of criminals.

Gillard's impassioned speech condemning Opposition leader Tony Abbott of misogyny became an instant hit online. But, Abbott's supporters were quick to point out Abbott — who once called abortion "the easy way out" and called Gillard a witch — was not guilty of extreme hatred of women as is the definition of misogyny, just sexism.

The Macquarie Dictionary, Australia's "most authoritative dictionary," as The Guardian puts it, has revised its definition of misogyny to include "entrenched prejudice against women" as well as hatred. The dictionary's editors added that they had failed to update the dictionary to match misogyny's contemporary usage, because they had some shrimp on the barbie and there was a dingo and bloomin' onions, etc.

The American dictionary, Merriam-Webster, still has not updated its definition of misogyny, so Americans must continue to use the real phrase to describe modern sexism: Todd Akin.

[Via The Guardian // Image via AP]