One person was killed and five others were injured following a gas explosion in a Russian apartment complex allegedly caused by a resident's suicide attempt.

Investigators say the person they believe is responsible for the incident in Yekaterinburg, Ural Federal University student Dmitry Shabarshin, had planned to die in the explosion and solicited the help of Internet users in determining how much gas was necessary to cause a large enough blast.

"Fuck the answers 'The more the better,' since I couldn't close all gaps in the door and my neighbors will smell this stinky shit," Shabarshin told users of a 4chan-like imageboard in his last message before allegedly blowing up his first-floor apartment.

According to a article translated by RedHotRussia, several users "immediately gave him the detailed tips for suicide, while others sarcastically urged him to hurry up." (You can read some of their responses here.)

Despite Shabarshin's efforts to hide the smell, neighbors detected the odor of gas emanating from his apartment and phoned the gas company. Sadly, workers were still trying to determine the source of the leak when the gas was set off and the explosion occurred.

One employee, 35-year-old Vasiliy Lavrik, was severely injured and passed away a short time later.

Shabarshin, however, was "catapulted" out of the apartment and survived. He is currently hospitalized, though his exact condition was not released.

[H/T: Fark, image via Lenta]