A Jacksonville, Florida couple just got into some serious drama over Alanis Morissette's music: Allen Casey, 24, hit his 33-year-old boyfriend, Todd Fletcher, after Fletcher allegedly refused to listen to anything but the Canadian chanteuse. Only listening to Alanis Morissettte really takes remembering the 90's to a whole new level. And c'mon, how did Tori Amos not make the playlist at least once?

Casey apparently hit Fletcher in the face with a (jagged little) plate and Fletcher had a big gash to prove it. When a cop approached Casey in a nearby park, he admitted to it.

An all-Alanis day really shouldn't be that annoying. Think of the vocal range! It would be kind of like working in a younger dentist's office all of the time. Sounds retty tolerable? As Alanis says, "You live you learn, You love you learn, You cry you learn, You lose you learn, You bleed you learn, You scream you learn." You just don't hit your boyfriend in the face with a plate. But, you learn.

[via News4Jax]