Earlier this week, the Mongolian government toppled and removed the last remaining bronze statue of communist leader Vladimir Lenin from Ulan-Bator, the country's capital city.

The statue was erected 58 years ago and would make a great conversation piece for your apartment.

The mayor of Ulan-Bator, present at the dismantling, denounced Lenin as a murderer as the relic was removed, saying in a speech that the statue "[represented] repression." According to Reuters, the memorial survived as long as it did only because many older Mongolians continue revere Lenin and the Russians for supporting the country's fight for independence from China in 1921.

Similar statues across the former Soviet bloc were junked for scrap or repurposed as kitschy knickknacks in cafes and nightclubs that sprang up after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

If you would like to purchase the statue for your apartment, you're in luck: it will soon be auctioned off, at the low, low starting price of just $280.

You could get a lot of mileage out of this statue for $280. Use it to model your giant clothes if you are a giant (the statue is 13 feet tall). Set up a Soviet-themed Applebee's in your living room. Melt it down to make attainable, believable Olympic medals for yourself. ("Came in third in whitewater slalom in Beijing...I could almost taste that silver.") Shed a single tear on it to see if that brings it magically to life even though you are crazy because that would be terrifying.

Whatever you decide to do with your bargain bin bronze statue of a Communist leader, just be prepared to defend yourself by claiming to have read the complete works of Lenin and found many of the philosophies therein to be thought-provoking indeed whenever someone takes offense.

[BBC/Reuters // Image via Getty]