When outspokenly liberal actor Jake Gyllenhaal suddenly announced on Twitter that he was endorsing Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, it raised digital eyebrows across the web.

As well it should have: The endorsement was made on an unverified fan account (which was clearly identified as such) with around 10,000 followers. (The account has since been suspended.)

But for many on the right, the fact that "Jake Gyllenhaal" was spelled correctly was enough to shout the endorsement from the rooftops.

And so they did: Within seconds, the announcement hit prime real estate on the Drudge Report, possibly causing Twitter to crash.

Mitt Romney's son Tagg was also among the credulous, retweeting the fake endorsement before deleting it and apologizing for "jumping the gun."

Deadline reached out to Gyllenhaal's rep who informed them that the actor has never had a Twitter account.

Sorry GOP. But hey — you still have Lindsay Lohan and Stacey Dash.

[images via Mediaite]