While spending yesterday on Roosevelt Island with his sons, alleged serial party-crasher Bill Murray decided to take in a game of kickball.

That is, someone else's game of kickball.

According one of the twentysomething-year-olds whose ZogSports league game Murray infiltrated, the actor was invited to join by a referee whom he met on the Roosevelt Island tram.

"He was dressed kind of like a homeless guy going to play sports," recalled Courtney Beard, "but apparently he does this all the time."

So they say.

The whole thing lasted about ten minutes, with Murray pinch kicking and getting on base. The team didn't win, "but we still felt like winners at the end," said Chris DiLella

Bucking the trend, the kickballers managed to grab a few shots of Murray in action for mythbusting purposes.

"I was able to play it cool," DiLella added, "but everyone else ran to grab their cameras. He ate it up – I think he secretly loved it."

[photos via Cockenblog via Gothamist]