After myriad rumors and alleged sightings, star-crossed lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were finally spotted hobnobbing with each other in wild by someone with a camera (see photo here).

The couple was seen "cozying up" last night at the Ye Rustic Inn in Loz Feliz, where they reportedly spent four hours in the company of several friends.

"Onlookers said there was no sign of tension between them at all, as they laughed and joked and enjoyed their drinks," says Entertainment Tonight, which will unveil even more exclusive photos and video on tonight's show.

TMZ, of all gossip sites, is fairly suspicious of the whole thing, saying it feels "like a total set-up" being so close to their first joint red carpet appearance in promotion of the final Twilight film, which is slated for later this month.

"There was enough of a crowd to ensure someone was going to notice," says TMZ. Sounds like someone's a little jealous they weren't the ones who noticed.

[photo via Getty]