Earlier this year in Entertainment Weekly, Mark Harris wrote about the "new blink-and-you'll-miss-it style" of coming out that is supposedly all the rage amongst celebs today. Outdoing the likes of even Anderson Cooper, the creator of "the hardest workout put on DVD," Insanity, has crafted the easiest way of coming out: the retweet.

Here's how it went: Shaun Thompson (or Shaun T as he's more commonly called), married his boyfriend, Scott Blokker, this weekend. Wedding attendee Alex Coloreo tweeted an Instagrammed shot from the wedding:

Shaun retweeted it and followed it up with this:

And that was that. He's since retweeted a few links regarding the '30s-themed nuptials and that's it. No public address, no product tie-in, no developing of a special power jump that can only be performed with the help from another dude — just a guy who had a great day with the guy he loves, and let the world know by hitting a button. We are officially in the future — that is some Jetsons-level convenience.

[Photo via alex0reo's Instagram]