Yesterday, during an armchair psychoanalysis of Joe Biden's performance at last week's VP debate, controversial Fox News psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow told his fellow "Medical A-Team" members that, in his expert opinion, Joe Biden might be suffering from dementia.

"I did not evaluate Joe Biden," Ablow hedged, "but if someone said to me, we want you to do what's really required to know what happened there, you have to put dementia on the differential diagnosis."

He then went on to make an even more audacious claim: That Biden might have been drunk.

"I'm speaking as a psychiatrist today, you didn't call me in as a political strategist," Ablow said, laughably. "So, you'd want his alcohol level. Why? Because he was that bizarre."

Joe Biden is, of course, outspoken about being teetotler having come from a family deep harmed by alcoholism.

As ThinkProgress points out, both Mike Huckabee and Sean Hannity have made similar suggestions that alcohol had been in Biden's system during the debate.

[video via ThinkProgress]