The level of debt held by the average consumer has fallen to the same level it was in 2006, before the financial collapse, before the recession, before the unemployment and the foreclosures and the bankster wars, when everything was all frothy and the streets of the hastily erected subdivisions were paved with money. If only we could live those go-go glory days once again...

Just imagine: a time when every last man, woman, and child can make his or her fortune "flipping" houses for quick profits. A time when those who lost their homes to foreclosure would jump right back into the home-buying market, risks be damned. A time when real estate stocks would soar to the heavens, as visions of investments that could never go down danced in the heads of Americans from coast to coast.

A time when disposable minorities could be financially exploited by a powerful ruling class, for the good of the economy.

Was it all just a dream?

[Photo: Francisco Anzola/ Flickr]