At this weekend's New York Comic Con, there were humans dressed like aliens. There were dogs dressed like superheroes, kids costumed like Spiderman, and half-naked women posing as mermaids. There were many Batmen, many Jokers, and many Banes. But on Saturday, there was only one Hulk Hogan.

This Hulk wasn't from Florida, but the Bronx. This Hulk's real name wasn't Terry Bollea, but Will Perez. This Hulk did, however, call everyone "Brother" and speak with the raspy strain of a man in desperate need of a lozenge. This Hulk also came with his own Randy "Macho Man" Savage counterpart, pictured above. Both men had their photo taken with Greg "the Hammer" Valentine, Tito Santana, and Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake, who were collectively signing autographs and snapping photos with fans at NYCC Booth #3174, courtesy of New Jersey business Long Valley Auto Body.

"Brutus tried to cut my hair," offered Bronx Hulk, mimicking shears with his left hand.

Much like the other Hulk, this Hulk was also mercilessly subjected to questions about a recent sex tape that's surfaced online. "A lot of people asked me about it," Bronx Hulk admitted. "They were mostly worried about the tanlines," he rasped. "Now I know why girls wear thongs."

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