Liam Neeson's 60-year-old action star schtick proved victorious for another weekend, as Taken 2 held on to the box office's top spot with $22.5 million. It's down 55% since last weekend, but it's already earned $88.3 million in ten days. Not bad, and more than enough to generate interest in a third film.

Not far behind Taken 2 was the Ben Affleck-directed Argo with $20.1 million. It's getting great reviews, so it should make even more in coming weeks. I saw it this weekend with my mom, and we both agree: it's pretty good. So if you fall somewhere in between the 27-year-old blogger and 59-year-old teacher demographic, you'll probably like it as well.

Sinister, a horror flick starring Ethan Hawke, was third with a decent $18.25 million, but all the way down in 5th was Kevin James's MMA movie, Here Comes the Boom. It was a relative flop with just $12 million.

But the real bomb was Atlas Shrugged: Part II, which didn't even crack the top ten. All the Ayn Rand fans were probably busy watching Neeson kill a bunch of foreigners in Taken 2, which seems more like their thing anyway.