There's nothing more American than comparing a vice-presidential candidate's physical appearance to a children's cartoon character. And Paul Ryan's just got one of those faces that makes everyone wonder "who does he remind me of?" Sometimes the similarities are obvious and sometimes they require picturing a former child actor copulating with a small, carnivorous rodent, but they're all right, every last one of them.

A Youth Pastor

A McDonald's Manager

Student Body President

An Honor Student

An Altar Boy

Robert from the board game "Guess Who"

A Ballsack with Eyes

Will Schuester from Glee

A Drawing of Will Schuester from Glee

A Muppet

Joffrey from Game of Thrones

A White Boy From Pinecrest Who Sells Mollies

A Fetus

Eddie Munster

A Weasel

Eddie Munster and A Weasel

A Creepy Version of The Little Mermaid's Prince Eric

A Nervous Substitute Teacher

Taran Killiam

Nothing Like Taran Killiam

Erica Perry's Boyfriend

What do you think Paul Ryan looks like? Please add your photos in the comments, especially if you know who Erica Perry's boyfriend is.

[photos via AP, Getty, Shutterstock, Wikipedia]