Barack Obama may be in serious danger of losing the vote of those who are unable to vote if he continues to alienate deported foreign-born felons at this rate. "I'd vote for [Mitt] Romney," Shyne announced in a recent interview with MTV News, adding that the President was "corny" and needed to "help the [J]ew out." Shyne was deported in 2009 after serving nearly a decade in prison for a nightclub shooting that injured three people.

"G-d & bankers run the world," Shyne later tweeted, almost certainly becoming the first Jewish man to publicly affirm a belief in a global banking conspiracy. Not content to simply endorse Romney, Shyne called the President out for not taking domestic issues seriously: "How can he be serious about stopping violence...and promoting education in inner cities [without me]?"

"Obama is playing games," Shyne said, suggesting that the President is personally aware of the rapper's legal plight and chooses not to help for personal reasons. "He better do the right thing."

Shyne has also been barred from entering the United Kingdom due to his criminal record but has yet to make an official statement on whether he would vote Labour or Conservative were he able to do so.

[MTV, Photo via AP]