After failing to get any media outlet to take her seriously, Fargo-area resident Donna decided to take her longstanding grievance to the Y94 Morning Playhouse radio show.

Poor Donna has been involved in three separate car accidents involving deer over the past few years, and she thinks she's nailed down the root of her misfortune: Deer crossing signs in high-traffic areas.

"Why are we encouraging deer to cross at the interstate? I don't get it," a very puzzled Donna told the equally puzzled morning show hosts.

Her solution: Move the signs to low-traffic areas, where it's safer for deer to cross.

"You know, deer crossings aren't telling deer that it's safe to cross there, it's just more of an alert for drivers so that they know it's a high deer population," one of the flabbergasted hosts responds, doing his best to stay as North Dakota Nice as possible.

Donna still doesn't quite get it, so the hosts decide to move on, promising to help her get the word out.

Considering the audio of their interview has gone ultra-viral, I'd say they kept their promise, though it's likely Donna the Deer Lady is having second thoughts about making her initial thoughts known.

[H/T: Neatorama]