Campus Grotto has put out its annual list of the 100 most expensive colleges. Sarah Lawrence College comes in at first place, with an annual cost for the current 2012-2013 school year a whopping $61,236. Jesus Christ, what's wrong with you people? Do they just serve gold in the dining hall?

Rounding out the top five are:

  • 2. New York University - $59,837
  • 3. Harvey Mudd College - $58,913
  • 4. Columbia University - $58,742
  • 5. Wesleyan University - $58,202

Kids: college is not worth this much. I know you want to be JUST LIKE Sigourney Weaver or J.J. Abrams or Barbara Walters or Vera Wang or some other Sarah Lawrence alumnus I found on Wikipedia just now, but you do not need to spend the equivalent of 1,224 iPhone 5s on 4 years of warm beer and Pizza Hut. It is not worth it unless these colleges are offering free blowies when you sign up for 15 credit hours.

Parents: do not spend this much on your kid. Buy yourself 1,224 iPhone 5s instead.

[Image via Flickr]