Chances are, when Facebook goes looking for an official Instagram theme song, Fat Joe's phone will not be ringing.

Then again, the Bronx-born rapper's latest joint, "Instagram That Hoe (ft. Rick Ross & Juicy J)," does have a certain misogynist charm to it that's hard to overlook.

A sample of lyrics courtesy of RapGenius:

Instagram that jet, Instagram these kicks
Bouve on my wristExplain, Instagram that bitch
Instagram that track, Instagram these racks
Fell up off that balcony ass, so fetch your bounce right back
I got hoes off of my water, bracelet all on my anckle
Fuck parole, that striperpole, I love them hoes to their anckle
Instagram that ho, Instagram her mama
Instagram that bitch on the top of the whip while she giving me knowledge

For the record, it doesn't look like Fat Joe practices what he preaches: 274 photos and not a single jet. (Plenty of hoes, though.)

[H/T: The Daily Dot]