Returning to her home in Detroit's historic Boston-Edison district after a year away, Heidi Peterson was shocked to find an uninvited house guest who had apparently been squatting in her residence for several months.

Despite overstaying her welcome by quite a while, Missionary-Tracey Elaine Blair — a write-in candidate for President of the United States, believe it or not — refuses to leave the premises, claiming she has a lease.

It's true that Peterson cannot legally remove Blair by force from the house until she proves in court that the property is hers. And it's true that Blair had a lease — she was Peterson's tenant two years ago.

But that lease was terminated in February 2011 after the house was deemed unfit for habitation.

Peterson says Blair returned to the home at some point and began a series of repairs that included replacing the appliances and changing the locks.

"She thinks that this is a program in Detroit to take people's homes and fix them up and then she gets to keep them," Peterson said.

When asked by Fox 2 News if she in fact believes in the existence of such a program, Blair responded that she was "an advocate for affordable housing," and made that a central part of her political campaign.

Peterson is preparing to fight Blair in court, but papers filed by the latter claiming the house was abandoned as well as a construction lien put on the property by Blair are expected to make Peterson's life much more difficult.

And considering that she and her one-year-old daughter have no choice but to share a space with the squatter for the time being, her life was already pretty taxing.

[screengrab via My Fox Detroit]