When the resident of a village in France outside Bordeaux received a phone bill for nearly 12 quadrillion euros (15.5 quadrillion dollars), she figured it must be a mistake.

But the phone company wasn't nearly as quick to admit an error as one might expect for a sum of money equal to 6,000 times the annual economic output of the entire country.

According to Solenne San Jose, a Bouygues Telecom rep started out by telling her the total could not be revised and threatened to draw the money directly from her bank account. After "a series of frantic phone calls," the company agreed to let San Jose set up an installment plan.

Not surprisingly, she turned down the generous solution, opting instead to pay the 117 euros she owed and not a million more.

San Jose ultimately parted ways with the company, and, after some prodding from the media, Bouygues Telecom agreed to cover her final bill.

[photo via Shutterstock]