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During a Today show segment about a DoSomething.org app that makes pet adoption as easy as smearing fingerprints on your iPhone screen, Kathie Lee Gifford insisted that noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker hand her a dog that he was holding, and then she immediately dropped said dog on his head. Kathie Lee's was not an evil puppy love, but evil did come because of it.

Sometimes it seems like Kathie Lee just can't win, and then she lets her buffoon flag fly, drops a puppy on its head on television, and it becomes clear that Kathie Lee just can't win.

The dog seemed fine after. Dogs'll tumble. But since he can't actually talk, we'll never know for sure if this pup has been brain-damaged for life, and all because Kathie Lee just had to hold a dog on television.

The full segment is below. Armchair veterinarians, you be the judge:

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