The bloody and endless Mexican Drug War, which exists largely due to America's unwinnable "War on Drugs," is having a predictable salutary effect: increased mass torture, by police. From the LAT:

In a report issued Thursday, Amnesty International noted that Mexico's National Human Rights Commission received 1,669 reports of torture and abuse by police and the military in 2011. That number has grown each year since 2008, when the commission received 564 complaints. Many observers believe that those numbers represent a fraction of the actual abuse cases because many victims are afraid to report them.

"[The] torturers have 'enjoyed almost total impunity,' the report said, and coerced confessions continue to be entered as evidence in court." We're cool with that, right? Gotta keep those drugs off the street. I guess this is just the price we have to pay for a drug-free America, which is what we have, thanks to our tough anti-drug policies.

To ensure this successful law enforcement continues unabated, be sure to vote... either Democrat or Republican.

[LAT. Photo: AP]