Finally, the location-based dating app we've all been waiting for. It's called Yenta and there are no goyim allowed.

The New York Post's Tara Palmeri went deep (like, Nellie Bly deep) to investigate this world of single mentschen and meydls. She found a secret den of high-class prostitutes based in New York City's Diamond District run by one Rachel Mendelwitz, who is strict, but genuinely cares for the girls in her employ. Nope, just kidding, she found Daniel Kane, a nice-looking Jewish man who doesn't particularly love being set up by his Bubbe.

In the interest of journalism, I, too, downloaded Yenta. So far no matches, but I'm hopeful I can find someone by Hanukkah. It's easy enough to use, all you do is choose how "Jewish" you are, explain what your "schtick" is and what would impress your mother. Reclaiming stereotypes is always the way to take away their power, right?

All in all, I'll give Yenta 3 of 5 stars of Bethlehem.

[Via Gothamist]