TMZ has just leaked audio from the call Lindsay Lohan made to her father, Michael, in the midst of the fight with her mom, Dina, that culminated in a small squadron of emergency vehicles descending upon Dina's Long Island home early this morning.

In the call, Lindsay accuses Dina of being high on cocaine, of telling Lindsay she is "dead" to her, and of acting "like the fucking devil right now."

It's pretty obvious from the recording that the scene inside the car was chaotic, and it's sometimes not clear to whom Lindsay is speaking: Michael (over the phone), Dina, the driver, or perhaps even another passenger.

On the tape (which seems to have been provided by Michael Lohan, judging from the better call quality on his end) Lindsay suggests that the fight began over $40,000 that she and her older brother Michael recently paid to Dina to keep their mother's house out of foreclosure, accuses Michael of not paying child support, and grows hysterical at the possibility that her mom may have phoned the police to have her arrested.

You can listen to the recording for yourself at the bottom of this post. We've done our best to make sense of the clip below. (Unless otherwise noted, Lindsay is the speaker being quoted.)

To Michael, on Dina's behavior in the car:

"She's throwing your fucking kids out and she's threatening everyone in the car."

To Dina, after Dina objected to Lindsay telling Michael her mother had called the cops on her:

"You already told me that I was a piece of shit…You were just on the phone, you just said you were calling the cops, right? Delusional, you just said that. You just said that. You just tricked me."

To Michael, on the money she gave Dina to prevent Dina's house from being foreclosed upon, and Michael's failure to pay child support:

"You're crazy, I was like, 'Give me my money back, give me my 40 Grand back, that I just gave you to save your house.' Because you won't do it. It's not her fault, you just don't pay. I didn't know that, you don't fucking do it.'"

To Michael, on Dina's response to Lindsay asking to be repaid the $40,000 she had just given her:

"I asked her to give it back and she's like ‘You're sick. You don't give me anything. You don't do anything for anyone.'"

Michael and Lindsay, on the $40,000 transfer:

Michael: "You do everything for everyone—you gave mom 40 thousand?"
Lindsay: "Yes."
Michael: "When did you give it to her?"
Lindsay: "Because she needs to keep her house."
Michael: "She's full of shit. She's lying to you, Lindsay. She's lying."
Lindsay: "Me and [Lindsay's brother] Michael did it for her. Me and Michael did it."

To Dina:

"…this is going to end very badly and if you want to treat me...Just because you fucking called the cops on me my entire life, if you had a daughter would you want someone to talk to you like that?"

To Michael, on Dina's alleged drug use:

"Dad, she's on cocaine, she's like touching her neck and shit."

To Michael, on returning to her mother's Long Island home and worrying that Dina has phoned the police:

"I have to go back to the house because I have to, like, leave tomorrow. I have to work and there's, like, a [edited]. She called the cops, she said. But I'm supposed to go home and I'm afraid she's going to do the same shit that I was describing to you, arrest me like she did to you."

To Michael, on mother-daughter bonding time:

Michael: "Has she been out all night with you?"
Lindsay: "Yes, she's been out all night, Dad."

Michael, Lindsay, and Dina discuss "disgusting things":

Lindsay: She said disgusting things to me.
Michael: She's horrible Lindsay.
Lindsay: She just said I'm dead to her. I'm dead to her now.
Dina (in the background): That's right, you're dead to me.

To Michael, on her injuries (it was reported earlier that Dina scratched Lindsay at some point during the altercation):

"I have a gash on my leg from what happened."

To Michael, Dina Lohan in summary:

"She's like the fucking devil right now."

All in all, the portrait the audio paints is of a family as fraught with internal strife as its members' various prison stints and social media outbursts would suggest, with both parents vying, by means of flattery (Michael) or put-downs (Dina), for Lindsay's favor (and monetary endorsements).

Perhaps most tellingly of all, like so many fights between casual acquaintances with no vested interest in one another, this one seems to have blown over fast: Lindsay and her mother were photographed hugging outside of Dina's home late this morning. While a screaming, crying, 6 a.m. phonecall may seem like a big deal to us, it seems, for the Lohans, like just another Wednesday.