Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's youngest son Truman made an extemporaneous decision late last night to do a Reddit AMA from his high school dorm room.

"After seeing his letter to the Nerdist reach the front, and an AMA request for him, I was wondering if anyone wants to ask any questions to the only one of my siblings not in the public spotlight by any means," the 16-year-old Hanks inquired of the Reddit hivemind.

"Uh, YARS," responded Reddit.

It wasn't exactly the Algonquin Round Table (sample question: "Do you celebrate T. Hanksgiving day?"; sample answer: "Fantastic question"), but it served its purpose.

And by that I mean, it helped lure out very-much-in-the-public-spotlight Hanks sibling Chet Haze.

Asked what Chet was like as a brother, Truman responded that he loves Chet despite the brotherly beatings he would often administer when they were younger. "Love you bro," Chet Haze suddenly chimed in.

A review of the handle revealed that chethaze was indeed the real Chet Haze, as 80% of his previous entries "are posts on gonewild [NSFW] trying to pick up girls."

Realizing he may have unwittingly invited a few unsolicited questions upon himself, Haze quickly headed over to AskReddit, where he sought advice on hiding his post history.

Unfortunately for him — but fortunately for us — Reddit doesn't have a hide-post-history feature, and, as such, gems like "You gotta be kidding girl, that ass is amazing" and "That was amazing. I love the anal stuff" will forever be a part of the Chet Haze mystique.

UPDATE: @CHETHAZE is denying being chethaze. All signs point to chethaze being @CHETHAZE, but, as FilmDrunk notes, "if it isn't, it's the most brilliant parody in the history of parodies."

UPDATE 2: Chet Haze — I mean chethaze — went and deleted his Reddit account (just classic parody account owner stuff), so here's a screengrab of all the comments he made on /r/gonewild for posterity's sake.

[photo via Reddit]