[There was a video here]

Ann "Of The People" Romney stopped by Good Morning America to talk average American stuff — show horses, Welsh cakes — this morning. She was a "guest host," filling in for Robin Roberts who is, of course, still recovering from a bone marrow transplant.

Mrs. Romney did her best impression of a normal human, tossing a football with Josh Elliott (who is a former SportsCenter anchor), interviewing booted Dancing With the Stars contestants, and yukking it up with Stanley Tucci during a cooking segment. She even had some jokes! At one point George Stephanopoulos — who formerly served as President Bill Clinton's Senior Advisor for Policy and Strategy — joked he never imagined the two would be co-hosting together.

Also along for the ride was Ann Romney's horse Lord Ludger, who calmer than I am whenever I'm in Times Square. (Not to mention the last horse in Midtown we wrote about). Romney and para-olympian Rebecca Hart discussed the benefits of equestrian therapy. You can see their whole story here:

Good Morning America has also invited Michelle Obama to come on as a guest host. She's reportedly "working out her schedule" to find a day to come on the show.