Last month, James Cameron was asked for an official response to the long-debated claim that Jack and Rose could have both survived the Titanic tragedy if Rose had just scooched over a bit.

Not so, said Cameron: "It's not a question of room; it's a question of buoyancy."

Fair enough, but let's leave myth-busting to the professionals, shall we?

As promised, MythBusters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman tackled the "Room for Two" meme at Cameron's behest on this week's episode of their eponymous show, and, wouldn't you know it, Cameron was dead wrong.

The MythBusters concluded that, using Rose's life jacket and a bit of ingenuity, the duo could have easily added enough buoyancy to the plank to make it suitable for two survivors.

Not surprisingly, Cameron was kind of peeved.

"I think you guys are missing the point here," Cameron told Savage and Hyneman. "The script says Jack dies. He has to die."

Talk about a spoil sport.

[H/T: Blame It On The Voices, screengrab via Discovery]