Have you called your mom and told her she's acting like a real bitch today?

Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina—who looks like she could be Lindsay's sister in some lights, don't you think? Dina thinks—got into a huge blow-up early this morning after a long night of nightclubbing. While no arrests were made (you can't lock up that kind of spirit), Lindsay reportedly suffered a scratched leg and a broken bracelet from the fight.

The argument appears to have started after the duo left a Manhattan nightclub around 4a.m.

According to TMZ, Lindsay wanted to take her chauffeured SUV to her hotel in New York City, but Dina wanted to take it home to Long Island "to avoid paying for a taxi." Dina got her way but, as the car sped toward the Lohans' island oasis, a tropical storm of emotions was brewing inside Lindsay.

Lindsay called her father, Michael, and Michael phoned the police to report an eruption of domestic violence. TMZ alleges that in one of the calls to police, the caller said Lindsay was being held against her will by Dina Lohan and the driver who probably just wanted to drop them off and go home to his family.

The website also adds that Dina was "wasted" at the nightclub, not unlike her youth, which she wasted by having kids too young, her whole life ahead of her, she was a Rockette for chrissakes, or, anyway, could have been if they'd hired her, Lord knows she had the gams, so, guess what, if Mama wants to go out and have a couple glasses of wine and do a shot only if you do it with her, you have to promise to do it with her, and have a young guy from New Jersey—Where in New Jersey? Caldwell? North Caldwell?—whisper into her ear that he can see where her daughters "get it from," well, that's Mama's prerogative.

According to a gentleman interviewed by the New York Post, who listens in on his police scanner every day waiting for skirmishes to erupt between the ruling clans of Long Island (the Lohans, the Baldwins, Ashanti's family, etc.), cops were still on the scene as of 8:15 this morning.

"She [Lindsay] was yelling "I've had enough of this!' " said witness John Scalesi, a 56-year Bellmore resident and police buff.

Police took a Domestic Incident Report, but did not arrest anyone.

The Nassau County Police Inspector referred to the incident as "a verbal dispute," though Michael, eager to have something contribute, cryptically told the Post, "It was a hell of a lot more than that."

According to Dina Lohan's twitter bio, Dina Lohan is an advocate against domestic abuse.

[TMZ/NY Post // Images via Getty]