Riding high on the latest Pew poll numbers which put him in the lead by 4 points among likely voters, Mitt Romney turned down a request from Nickelodeon to appear in its quadrennial "Kids Pick the President" special.

According to veteran Nick News host Linda Ellerbee, the Q&A special and its companion "Kids' Vote" segment have successfully predicted the results in five of the last six presidential elections.

Though President Obama agreed to answer a variety of questions from children on topics ranging from illegal immigration and jobs to same-sex marriage and bullying, Governor Mitt Romney's campaign said no multiple times, claiming "he was unable to fit it into his schedule."

Sound bites from old interviews in which Romney responds to similar questions will be used in place of fresh answers.

In a statement, Ellerbee said the network was disappointed that Romney "wouldn't take the time to answer the questions," adding that "answering kids' questions directly" shows "respect for kids."

The special is set to air October 15th at 8 PM. Afterwards, kids will be invited to vote for their favorite candidate via the web through October 22nd.

Sadly, the loser will not be slimed.

[screengrab via Nick News]