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Oprah Winfrey nabbed Invisible Children founder/KONY 12 creator Jason Russell for his first post-meltdown interview, which aired tonight via Oprah's Next Chapter. As we already knew, he distanced himself from the pavement-slapping, publicly nude Jason Russell of that March day. He didn't shirk responsibility, exactly, but he did refer to it as an "out of body experience." He also said he remembered very little of it, so he couldn't say for sure if he was masturbating that day, but he didn't think so.

That question/answer is above, as is the best of the interview: when Oprah asked Russell about the rumor that he's gay because he was "running in the streets nude." Poor semantics from Oprah resulted in hilarity for all of us, because seriously, what the fuck? He was in San Diego, not San Francisco, duh. Russell made the bold choice of keeping his denial implicit (in other words, he didn't actually say, "No, I'm not gay") but he seemed to think that his neck rolling and formation snapping is what made people think he was gay. And who could blame them?

Oprah Winfrey: still asking all the hard questions.