Twitter trending topics are often a great cross-section of racism, homophobia, and misogyny, but one of today's most popular hashtags has taken things to a delightful new level.

Swastikas are currently trending on Twitter. Not the word "swastika" but the actual symbol. My guess is that someone figured out how to embed a swastika in a tweet and countless others copy-pasted, because gosh, what a thrill.

As you might expect, tweets using the three-swastika hashtag are terrible — most are too dumb to be offensive, but the cavalier insensitivity and cultural ignorance is at least disheartening. Here's a sampling, for those of you who don't want to trudge through the depths of Twitter idiocy.

Memes (popularized by @DictatorHitler):

Click links for full comedic effect.

Bad jokes:

There are countless iterations of "I did Nazi that coming" and "Anne Frankly it's offensive." You know what's really offensive? Lazy jokes.

Moral outrage:

First, let's note that @FollowMeOBAMA is choosing both outrage and tasteless jokes. Second, it's worth pointing out that the more people tweet a trending topic, the longer it stays trending. Tweeting that you're offended by swastikas while including swastikas in your tweet is one of the dumber things you can do online.


These are probably the most depressing tweets — whether it's people who don't know the difference between Osama bin Laden and Hitler, or those who actually think swastikas are illegal.

Like all trending topics, this is only temporary, so try not to let it get you down. And make sure to check out Twitter tomorrow, when we'll surely be back to hashtags like #UKnowSheAHo and #WhyDoBlackPeople.

[Image via Twitter]