Take everything Claus Hjelmbak says about his "good friend" Lindsay Lohan with a grain of salt.

Hjelmbak, who was in the room when Lohan alleges she was assaulted, is clearly trying to make the most of his brush with celebrity. And as a useless attention whore, he's too dense to appreciate the irony when he tells E! News

She's not in a good place. But it's not because of health issues. She's not in a good place, because people around her keep throwing her under the bus.

Hjelmbak would never throw his BFF Lindsay under the bus. He's selling his version of the night's events to E! out of the goodness of his heart.

I realize Hjelmbak isn't the focus of this story, but he's worth outing as the worst kind of leech, one who hides behind a facade of good intentions. At least the paparazzi and gossip columnists don't pretend to have Lohan's best interests in mind.

For what it's worth, Hjelmbak recalls that Christian LaBella, the Republican staffer Lohan accused of assault, met Lindsay that night.

Lindsay is a sweet girl and is very open and nice when people come over and talk. In this case, she thought it was somebody her friends know.

He says she became alarmed when she noticed that LaBella had been taking cell phone pictures.

She was visibly shaken already at that point. She was shocked. At that moment, you feel betrayed when you are in a private space and you realize someone has documented the entire night on the phone.

Kind of like how you might feel betrayed if your close personal friend went on TV to talk about how you're not in a good place? Hjelmbak goes on to advise us to, "Stop focusing so much on her private life. That would be a big help to her getting back to a really good place."

I challenge you to find someone less self-aware.

[Image via Diane L. Cohen/WENN.com]