It's nice to have famous friends, especially when you're running for office.

Just ask former Nebraska governor and state senator Bob Kerrey, who is now running to reclaim his Senate seat.

The Steve Martin endorsement isn't exactly coveted among politicians, but it's certainly a nice novelty. And this video is just the right level of absurd, with self-professed "home crafts expert" Steve Martin teaching the viewer how to make a crumpled up piece of paper as someone holds his written endorsement on the side of the screen.

Please consider Bob Kerrey as a wise and thoughtful choice as your senator from Nebraska. Also, please consider me as your home crafts authority.

Kerrey is a Democrat, although Martin appeals to both Democrats and Republicans in the video.

The Steve Martin connection isn't Kerrey's only claim to Hollywood fame: in the early '80s, he dated Debra Winger while she was filming Terms of Endearment in Lincoln, Nebraska.