A Philadelphia man claims in a suit filed last week that a bachelor party visit to a local strip club concluded with a ruptured bladder after an erotic dance went awry.

Patrick Gallagher was celebrating his upcoming nuptials with some friends at the Penthouse Club in November of 2010.

As part of the "Bachelor's Package," Gallagher was granted a one-on-one session with a dancer on stage, which included a very special maneuver that his lawyer, Neil T. Murray, says ended with his client in the hospital.

After the dancer climbed high up the stripper pole, she suddenly "launched herself down onto [Gallagher's] abdomen" as he lay flat beneath her. This resulted in severe pain that did not subside by morning, forcing Gallagher to visit the emergency room.

According to Murray, Gallagher suffered a ruptured bladder and internal bleeding that required surgery to correct.

He is now seeking damages of $50,000 to cover medical costs and mental anguish.

[screengrab via Penthouse Club]