In case you haven't heard, AMC is not available on Dish Network. But if you've watched even five minutes of AMC over the past few months, you're well aware: every single promo contains a damning reminder.

Ryan Turek of Shock Till You Drop tweeted this picture from the red carpet premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead. There, right next to the name of the show and the channel, is yet another reminder that Dish doesn't carry AMC.

While AMC has a legitimate reason to be upset, at this point the Dish backlash might actually be hurting the brand: "the network that brought you Mad Men and Breaking Bad" has become "the network that's not available on Dish."

Not to mention the fact that the constant namechecking of Dish on AMC is only reaching the audience that already gets AMC. The ads advise viewers to tell their friends who have Dish to switch cable providers, but how many people are actually confronting their loved ones with that conversation?

Realistically, AMC's campaign will continue — especially as the network seeks $2.4 billion in damages from Dish. Obvious zombie jokes aside, this feud will keep lumbering on until someone puts it out of its misery.

[Image via Twitter/STYDNews]