Cecelia Crawford of Pike Road, Alabama, was more upset than most by Mitt Romney's vow to eliminate federal funding for PBS despite his affinity for Big Bird and Jim Lehrer.

That's probably because, being eight years old, the thought of losing Sesame Street hits closer to home.

In a letter she wrote this morning to the GOP nominee, and forwarded by her mom to both the Romney campaign and The Huffington Post, little Cecelia implores the GOP nominee to leave Sesame Street alone.

Once her "favorite show on earth," Cecelia has since outgrown Big Bird. But she makes it clear that her fondness for the show is far from diminished. "When I grow up, I'm going to get married," she writes, "and I want my kids to watch it so do not cut it off. You find something else to cut off!"


Ball's in your court, Romney. For now, at least.

[H/T: Daily Intel, images via AP, Huff Post]