Students at the University of Texas in Austin — Texas' last bastion of hope — rallied earlier this week, in response to what they call a rash of racist behavior in Austin's West Campus neighborhood, home to many students at the nearby university. According to The Horn, several people (all minorities) have reported having had bleach-filled water balloons thrown at them— known as "bleach bombing" — as they walked to and from campus in the last few weeks.

Police tell KVUE they are investigating, but proving the attacks are hate crimes can be difficult. In response to the incidences, the university has set up a task force called Campus Climate Response Team with a website to report biased behavior.

Bleach bombing is not the only racially-charged incident to happen recently at UT: The school's Greek community is also tossing its hat in the racist ring by hosting a rash of "racially-themed parties." Reports The Horn:

UT's Greek community, specifically member organizations of the Inter-Fraternity Council and University Panhellenic Council, has recently drawn sharp criticism for racially-themed parties at which sorority and fraternity members and their guests - who, for the most part, are white - dress up in stereotypical clothing associated with a minority group. The local chapters of Tri Delta and Zeta Tau Alpha have recently apologized for a 'Fiesta'-themed party where two party attendees wore shirts that read 'Illegal' and 'Border Patrol.'

However, not all students at UT believe bleach bombing is a racially-charged attack, which is like saying the Stonewall riots were not in response to homophobic police, but just overenthusiastic ones.

"I see it from my balcony," Pete Desai told KVUE. "I think it is just who ever happens to walk by at the time."

Even if the bleach bombing can't be considered a hate crime, police tell KVUE it is assault.

[The Horn via Huffington Post // Image via Twitter]