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On Nightline this week, Cynthia McFadden confronted Taylor Swift on her tendency to turn into a slack-jawed yokel when her name is inevitably called at whatever awards show she happens to find herself the belle of. This quirk has been mocked widely (full disclosure: my mocking supercut of her fly-catching turned into a bigger story and ended up being the highlight of my 2010), partially because it seems like put-on false modesty but mostly because whenever it happens, it freakishly appears that her jaw is going to fall right off her head.

Responding to her facial critics, Swift said, "Like, it's like when you win an award, isn't that crazy? Like, isn't that crazy?"

No. After selling millions of records and establishing yourself as the premier country crossover singer of your generation, it is not crazy to be awarded. Awarding the already awarded is just something we do as a culture. It's crazy in theory but widespread in practice, and anyway Swift isn't commenting on the theoretical as she gracefully accepts all these shocking plaudits. Otherwise her dozens of acceptance speeches would sound more like Fiona Apple's VMAs ranting and she'd be a lot more interesting and probably start winning a lot less often.

[via ONTD]