A German liquor company has come up with a fairly tasteless stunt intended to titillate its potential clientele: A line of spirits "filtered" through the naked bodies of playmates and glamour models.

If that doesn't sound very sanitary, it shouldn't.

But G-Spirits insists its alcoholic beverages, which have come into contact with the well-traveled skin of such nude luminaries as Hungarian Playmate of the Year Alexa Varga, are entirely safe for human consumption.

"Obviously we conform to their requirements, not to offend against the food- or consumer protection law," reads a line from the company's response to a question about problems with the public health department. "We pay high attention to a hygienic filling process, furthermore medical personnel is present to check it."

A drink that needs to be tested for STDs? Pass.

But, if you're game, the limited edition line will set you back $150 to $180 a bottle depending on your poison (currently available in whiskey, rum, and vodka). You can bone up on the product's liner notes at G-Spirits very NSFW website.

[H/T: Oddity Central, screengrab via G-Spirits (nsfw)]