The University of Tennessee had quite the scandal last week when a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity was accused of butt chugging wine. The alleged butt chugger was hospitalized with a reported .4 BAC, and the fraternity was eventually suspended. Today, the entire fraternity held a press conference to deny accusations that the accused butt chugger, Alexander P. Broughton, actually butt chugged any wine.

As Outkick the Coverage notes, it's hard to determine which part is the funniest/most shameful for the fraternity and their lawyer, Daniel McGehee. But I'm going to go with the part where, within the first two minutes, McGehee adamantly denies that that the alleged butt chugger is gay.

"Mr. Broughton denies each and every allegation whatsoever that has been infered that he may have been a gay man. He is a straight man. And he thinks the idea and concept of butt chugging is repulsive."

Whatever you say, McGehee. He then goes on to accuse the University of Tennessee, the police and the media of being irresponsible. "Shame on you for reporting lies about my client."

He also says butt chugging is two words, which is debatable.

All the while, the rest of the fraternity stands there in the back, very stoic, as if they were at a funeral or something. How they managed not to laugh at every mention of butt chugging is beyond me.

The whole video is amazing. Watch below.