Of the "Stoner Dog" meme, the website Meme Generator says, "it is very difficult not to look at this meme and burst out laughing immediately."

But, in Colorado, where instances of dogs getting high have become significantly more prevalent since medical marijuana was legalized 12 years ago, vets say the trend is no joke.

"There are huge spikes in the frequency of marijuana ingestion in places where it's become legal," veterinarian Dr. Debbie Van Pelt told Denver's CBS4.

Indeed, according to a five-year study by Dr. Stacy Meola of the Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital, cases of marijuana poisoning in dogs have quadrupled in Colorado alone.

At least two dogs have died after consuming baked goods made with marijuana butter, and many others have experienced a variety of side effects, ranging from lethargy to nausea to over-sensitivity to light and sound.

"We need people to realize it is potentially toxic and potentially fatal to their pets," said Van Pelt.

Getting to the bottom of what's wrong with the dog in a timely fashion is critical, so vets urge owners whose pets have ingested or inhaled marijuana to come clean so the animals can receive the proper treatment.

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