Actor Vin Diesel has one of the biggest pages on Facebook: 34,883,564 likes. "How's he doing it?" Mashable wonders. "Simple: authenticity... authentic communication usually wins out over boring, boilerplate content." Authentic communication, and inspirational image macros, and photoshops of Diesel's face on a dragon.

The inspirational image macro is the internet's favorite art form, and Diesel's page is full of them, plus bonus inspirational text ("V angels for V's ANGELS! Invited by the Mayan Queen... to see her world... no protest. Women... cyclical gift of life. P.s. Weird thing happens when I go to these places now... it's like I want to bring you with me. All love.") Most of the images are made by a handful of really dedicated Diesel Fans — "Vinangels, Vingypsies, and the various nomadic tribes of the Underverse," as Vin calls them — whose work is then reposted to the page by Diesel himself.

As with any insular art movement, there's self-contained mythology — Hannibal, the African general whose life the actor says he wants to depict in a trilogy, features heavily — and a host of recurring themes and concerns (angels in particular). Above all, though, there is Vin. Below, the best of the best.

And, because how could we not, here's a very young Vin Diesel with his mom:

You can find Vin's photos here. Please post your favorites — or your own — in the comments.