Get to know Jack Wu, a God-fearing Christian man running for a seat on the Kansas Board of Education.

Here are a few key points: Wu thinks evolution is a "satanic lie," he believes most of us are going to hell, and he's an active member of the Westboro Baptist Church, those assholes with the "God Hates Fags" signs.

He also loves reality TV.

In other words, Wu is a complete nightmare, but he doesn't care what you think of him.

The truth matters more than the opinion of other men and women. The Bible says if you're hated by other people for taking a stance that's not popular, it's like a sign you're chosen by God, almost.

Unfortunately for Wu, God doesn't vote. And Wu is going to need a lot of help: so far, his campaign contributions total five dollars.

Nevertheless, Wu's opponent Carolyn Campbell is taking him seriously. It's a critical time for Kansas, as the state seeks to adopt new standards that would teach evolution and leave out creationism entirely. Wu is obviously against these changes — but then, he believes public education is already "preparing its students to be liars, crooks, thieves, murderers, and perverts."

Here are Wu's campaign goals, as outlined on his (amazingly bad) website:

Evolution should never be taught in public schools as science. Evolution is false science! God made the heaven and the earth and created humans from the dust of the earth! The very bad teachers that teach that men descended from apes via evolution need to have their teaching licenses revoked. Yes, students should be taught that God created everything.

School administrators are always complaining about budget problems and lack of funding for this or that. Haha, that's funny. I have a really simple solution to solve that problem: Eliminate funding for evolution textbooks and pseudo-education. We'll save a ton of money! Tell those evolution textbook publishers to recycle their waste of paper, and tell those evolution teachers to teach truths instead of lies.

Why isn't anyone else talking about these incredible money-saving techniques? Let's not rule them out just because they're insane.

Wu has at least one semi-endorsement from WBC spokesman Jonathan Phelps, who said, "I think he's a nice guy."

When someone who protests military funerals calls you "nice," it's probably time to do some serious self-reflection.

[Image via AP]