Professional blowhard Piers Morgan thought he'd get a rise out of fellow windbag Kelsey Grammer by banning him for life from Piers Morgan Tonight.

Unfortunately for Piers — and for those of us who would really like to see two awful people go head-to-head — Grammer just doesn't care. The recent father told TMZ:

I haven't given it any thought. I mean, honestly.

Damn it, those aren't fighting words at all.

The ban stems from Grammer walking off the CNN show after the network aired a photo of ex-wife (and current Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member) Camille Grammer. Kelsey had been promised that his ex, whom he cheated on with babymama Kayte Walsh, wouldn't be a subject of discussion.

But Piers Morgan will have to get his revenge elsewhere, because lifetime bans only mean something if the person actually wants to do your show. In being banned from Piers Morgan Tonight, Grammer joins the ranks of Madonna, who was banned for reasons unknown. (Doing the show just puts you in line with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.)

If Piers really wants to get back at Kelsey Grammer, he could just air this YouTube clip on a loop. Bonus: it's far more entertaining than Piers Morgan Tonight.

[Image via AP]