Today's bit of Internet musical theater came courtesy of Sacramento's Death Grips, the electrocore/hip-hop hybridists who weirdly signed to Epic based on their caustic-as-fuck, not-at-all-commercial 2011 mixtape Exmilitary. It seemed a bizarre match at the time and, surprise, surprise, it turned into turmoil today when the group leaked its new album NO LOVE DEEP WEB not only without its label's permission, but before its label had even heard it.

The Grips' move is very punk, if you are to believe their retweets. This all apparently stemmed from their frustration over their finished work being given a release date some time in 2013, despite the band promising two albums this year (The Money Store, their first Epic album, came out in April). It's unclear as to whether Epic reneged or if the label ever planned to honor that promise in the first place.

In any event, the Grips seem to have pissed off the label that they probably never should have teamed with in the first place if they didn't want anyone telling them when their albums could come out. Their site was taken down, which would mean that you can't look at their album cover, featuring its title scrawled on a hard cock, except Pitchfork has it posted, so there you go.

"Lock Your Doors," is as furious as anything on the record, but it seems particularly apropos given the group's display today. Its refrain goes, "I got some shit ta say just for the fuck of it."