Taylor Swift, the sophomore so cool all the teachers know her name, has slammed ex-boyfriend John Mayer in an interview for the November issue of Glamour, saying he was "presumptuous" for implying he was the subject of her anti-John Mayer anthem Dear John.

"How presumptuous! I never disclose who my songs are about."

When Swift's interviewer then attempted to recount for Mayer's comments about the song (that it "humiliated" him and he felt her releasing it was "a really lousy thing for her to do"), the singer cut her off, explaining she "can't handle" sad, mean, or otherwise negative comments because she does not have "that thick a skin."

"No! I don't want to know, I don't want to know…I know it wasn't good, so I don't want to know. I put a high priority on staying happy, and I know what I can't handle…It's not that I'm this egomaniac and I don't want to hear anything negative, because I do keep myself in check. But I've never developed that thick a skin. So I just kind of live a life, and I let all the gossip live somewhere else."

After that, Swift pretty much confirmed we will eventually find out all about her relationship with the cutest or second cutest guy in homeroom, Conor Kennedy, in rhyme:

"I don't talk about my personal life in great detail. I write about it in my songs, and I feel like you can share enough about your life in your music to let people know what you're going through."

Swift explained that she "[loves] ponies and rainbows" and is not "dark and twisty and complicated." (For the record, she also stated that, despite her affection for them, she is "not as simple as ponies and rainbows" either, but gave no evidence to back up her claim.)

Swift also provided, virtually unprompted, a list of her best friends...

"My other close friends are Ashley, Claire, Diana, Emma, and Selena."

...presumably as a wake-up call to lesser girlfriends who have been going around telling people they are Taylor's best friends even though, hello, they are not.

(Glamour // Image via Getty)