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Threats of grievous bodily harm have been the Real Housewives of New Jersey's bread and butter since way back in season one, when all the ladies took turns cracking their necks and implying super vaguely that their families were in the mafia. On last night's season four reunion show, though, things got real scary, real fast.

In the clip above, Housewife (and season 4 villain) Teresa Giudice makes an unkind reference to her uncle, the father of her cousin (and fellow Housewife) Kathy Wakile. Wakile's sister, gruff-yet-loveable lesbian Rosie—a recurring character and fan favorite—is also on hand for the taping, waiting off-screen to be brought out for an interview segment.

To put it bluntly, Rosie goes FUCKING CRAZY at the mention of her father, exploding bellows so loud the Housewives can hear them in their separate filming area.

The scene ends with the Housewives and Andy Cohen peering at one another nervously as Rosie's tirade continues. Part Two of the reunion airs next week.

Elsewhere in the reunion show, Teresa accused Melissa of stealing her signature glittery eyeshadow look.

It was a phenomenal episode.