On top of the indignity of a 25-year marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver now has to deal with the publicity tour for his new tell-all memoir.

The latest alleged outrage: not being contacted by 60 Minutes for a piece on Arnold's book.

According to TMZ, 60 Minutes producers only got in touch with Shriver's friends on Monday, after the interview with Schwarzenegger had already been taped. Shriver felt she would look silly adding her point of view to the finished piece, which one source says is very favorable to the former California governor.

The piece is a blow job for Arnold. Lesley Stahl just fawned over him.

TMZ previously reported that Shriver never received an advance copy of the memoir, even though it's largely about their marriage, his infidelity, and that messy love child business.

In addition to all the juicy sex stuff, the tell-all also alleges that Shriver never wanted Arnold to run for governor. (That just makes her sound sensible.)

Shriver will apparently not be reading her ex-husband's book, because she already lived it, and also, he's gross.

[Image via AP]