Scientology officials are apparently rushing to scrub any mention of Sons of Anarchy star Johnny Lewis from the website of their highly controversial drug rehab program Narconon.

The actor, who police believe committed suicide shortly after murdering his landlady and her cat inside a residence in Los Feliz yesterday, had reportedly completed the detoxification program in 2004, and had spoken publicly about its benefits.

A photo of Lewis at a Narconon event was featured on the program's website until TMZ started asking questions and it was subsequently removed.

Though a Scientology official told the gossip site Lewis has not been involved with the Church for quite some time, his father, Michael Lewis, continues to be highly active, and is the co-director of the church's Valley Life Improvement Center.

Lewis had been in and out of jail and court-ordered rehab several times prior to yesterday's incident, including as recently as six days earlier.

TMZ sources say Lewis "dabbled with an undisclosed drug" which "triggered a 'psychotic break,' and he's been on medication ever since.

Despite witness testimony saying Lewis appeared to be under the influence of drugs at the time of the assault, and investigators reportedly looking into the involvement of a "popular new synthetic drug called Smiles," his family allegedly maintains drugs were not a factor, blaming his actions on an unapproved termination of his medication intake.

In a recent report, a probation officer remarked that Lewis was suffering from "some form of chemical dependency, mental health issue and a lack of permanent housing," and said he was becoming "very concerned for the well being" of both Lewis and the community writ large.

A toxicology report is expected shortly.

[H/T: LAist, photo via AP]