As Paul Beauregard, better known as Oscar-winning rapper DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia, once said: "y'all haters shaking like booties up in a strip club."

If that's the case, we may as well rename Gawker "Scandals" because you weren't shy about calling us haters this week. We know you are, but what are we? Happy weekend!

Carpentry advice from a Dane, presumably IKEA:

Your article is remotely biased and insulting to canadian people(mildly) You americans and canadians are two of the same, I have spent time in both countries and i find canada more warming minus Quebec and one could say americans are the equivalent of a english speaking Quebec. "strange woman from the canadian forests". Have you been to Vancouver? try writing a article on western Canada, they are the equivalent of a milder climated california. I am danish (yes im a very happy person) besides the point. What was the point of the statement regarding, The pledge to allegiance. Why would a Canadian citizen nor any other citizen pledge their allegiance to the american flag? I would refuse to recite it also, i enjoy your articles but i can't help but notice they are biased. a tilted table is never good for a writer, your paper will fall off. Maybe you should write a article on how americans stamp their luggage with canadian flags instead of american flags, why you may ask? Because such countries as china, the united kingdom, australia, russia, and vietnam will treat you like a king. explain that to me? i have witnessed it numerous times, you americans put canadian flags on your luggage more often the canadians do, Fjollede amerikanske

Hamilton's biggest fan suggests we stick to butt-chugging.

Subj: Just How Fucking Inept Are You

It's a serious question, your story on the "heroism" of an American soldier that intentionally drew enemy fire on himself so he could save his comrades was fucking bullshit. All you fucking people (except maybe for the occasional semi-coherent screed from Hamilton Nolan) do is praise our "gallant" and "altruistic" soldiers. They're such wonderful people even when they kill and dismember Afghan civilians just for the fuck of it, piss on dead Afghan fighters, or just decide to go on a killing spree that results in the death of 16 civilians. Next time you decide to share a story about one of our "heroic" drug addict soldiers with your borderline retarded readers you might want to mention that our courageous (she actually is courageous) soldiers have been in Afghanistan for over a decade slaughtering innocent civilians. You should take your head out of your ass and offer a little insight as to why exactly these acts of "heroism" are even necessary (why do they hate us bro????). Sorry to take up your time, I'll let you get back to your auto-erotic asphyxiation or butt-chugging, it would be a real shameaccidentally killed yourself.

All the best!

She just really needed to get this off her chest.

Caity, I just read your article written on March 21, 2012, "Is the Portal to Hell Opening Under Wisconsin Right This Very Minute?", after hearing on Nancy Grace about 2 thirteen year old boys killing a great grandmother for pizza, I did a search after realizing these boys are not really victims who were maybe neglected or abused, but were plain evil and without the knowledge of God.

In the past when hearing of children committing crimes, I really felt pity for them. I felt the children must have been abused mentally, physically or sexually in order to have such anger and hate. A revelation has hit my heart, these children and their parents are without God. There has been no teaching of right, wrong or morals, not to mention Salvation through Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

The Portals of Hell have been opened and these are the last days. Those without God will commit evil acts unspeakable, which have already begun. After reading your article about the Sounds coming from underground in Wisconsin, I believe you are right, Hell is now opening and viels of evil are being poured out upon earth these last days. The last days are here. There is no turning back.

Were you speaking in jest or truth when you wrote your thoughts? Your words are truth even if you know or not!

Sincerely, Deborah

Tell us how you really feel.

A story you wont run because you suck!

Apart from being a few days old. This story really highlights how those democats have their fair share of Clint Eastwood moments.

But you see. Gawker has a leftist agenda and posting anything to do with this when it was relevant could have really shown the world the hypocrisy of the two party system. How there are idiots on both sides and that nobody is perfect.

But NOOOOOO. Gawker just has to keep dividing the nation...