The best of several hilarious moments in Christina Aguilera's "Your Body" video occurs at its 2:20 mark, when she pulls a handsome man she just played pool with into a bar bathroom stall and unleashes blue paint on him...somehow? I do not know what we are to glean from this. Is she sick? A squirter? Does she pee blue and thick? Is she really bad at graffiti?

Otherwise, the video is resplendent in sleaze chic, from her Rock of Love hair to the trailer-park setting to her sloping curves being encased in leopard print. Oh yeah, there's also a tanning bed and a tube dress with a series of strategic holes in it. Combine all that with the hoe-stroll tempo of the track (surely its greatest asset) and that when she says, "All I want to do is love your body," she really means, "All I want to do is fuck your body" (per the uncensored version), and it is clear that this video is Christina Aguilera declaring, "I am trashy and that's just me." I commend her honesty.